One of the greatest things that we have in Fashion is Trends. This allows us to continuously come up with new ways of doing & seeing things.

This Season

It’s that strange time in fashion news right now, where we feel a little saturated with trend posts and shares of the top runway moments for AW ’22 but in real life we’re seeing this seasons styles coming to fruition, while wondering if we’ll ever see the sunshine again.

We’re excited about AW ’22 but we’re hoping to wear SS ’22 and our closets are in style limbo, with layers needed and warm weather wanted. So how do we discover what trends to keep an eye out for? Through our favourite blogs of course – hint hint…

I too have been swooning over the fuchsia seen at Valentino, the sequins seen at Michael Kors, the bags seen at Victoria Beckham and the tailoring seen at Max Mara but for right now? For our incoming wardrobe refresh? For our Spring closet wishlist?

Here are the top trends to be seen in this season and as always;
where to find some beautiful and affordable dupes.

Daring, Sexy & Sheer

It’s any or all of the above, alone or together, for these wow trends of the season. We’re talking the styles and clothing that take a deep breath, a hell of a lot of confidence and dusting off those nipple covers you tidied away back in 2020. There’s definitely a touch of the 90’s being seen in these trends with hemlines rising up, up, up and the daring cut outs we’ve seen from some of our favourite brands over the last few years on social media (Jacquemus, Cult Gaia, Bottega Veneta etc.) becoming even more sexy.

Is it the reappearance of the social scene post lockdowns? The eagerness to reignite our love of fashion? The willingness to try new things after an unexpected couple of years? Whatever it is it’s throwing even the most confident of fashion followers in at the deep end and I think a lot of us aren’t sure if we’ll be going swimming or just dipping our toes.

So which sexy trends are back this season?
I think the easier question might be which sexy trends aren’t?

High Hems
Cut Outs
Sheer Panels
Low Waists
Draped Necklines
High Splits
Peek-a-Boo Midriffs

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It seems like opposities attract this season because if the sexy sheer trends above teamed with the highest hems are not your cup of tea, then there’s another side to this season that might be right up your alley. Think rainbow brights, think fabulous sequins – just think anything that will be boost your mood.

Is it just me or does it feel like you could go one of two ways this season? Choose dark, sexy and mysterious with peek-a-boo panels and cut outs that tease or throw caution to the wind in an entirely different way and dress for the joy you want to manifest.

Written by : tfl01

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